Need to Get Your Home Ready to Sell
and Have No Idea Where to Begin?

Hello, my name is Juliann and I have a talent and passion for taking messy, cluttered homes and transforming them into well-organized spaces that feel wonderful and look beautiful.   I love organizing ‘things’ and creating lovely, livable environments for people to both delight in or to sell for the highest price possible.

My love for organizing and design expresses in two complementary services:   Simpli Sold  and  Simpli Organized for Home and Business.  Both of these services require a friendly, sensitive, and compassionate touch. There is nothing I enjoy more than helping my clients experience the positive impact of transforming their spaces into places that feel wonderful!

It is absolutely amazing how clearing a space can change it from drab and lifeless to vital, supportive and energizing!  You can experience peace within your living space, you can enhance productivity within your home or business office, you can make your home stand out in this competitive real estate market and you can experience a real sense of joy and contentment within the places you share with those you love.  You can do it and I can help guide and support you through the process!

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Miserable young mother sitting on a sofa in a cluttered living room

Does The Thought Of Getting Your Space
Organized Feel Overwhelming?
If it Does, You’re Not Alone!

Simpli Sold

Home Sale Assessment & Preparation

A little planning and preparation can go a long way towards selling your home quickly and for the best price possible.  Using the five D’s of home staging, Simpli Sold, accentuates your home’s most positive qualities and in turn address challenges of disorganization and awkward design.  This combination creates beautiful, clean, simple and inviting spaces that project warmth that buyers will find appealing to all of their senses!  If you just need somewhere to start, or you want guidance from beginning to end, I am here to help.  Please check out my Simpli Sold page to find out more or Contact me here.

Simpli Organized

Clutter Clearing, Organizing & Support

It is understandable that we hold onto our things; they have histories and memories attached, they help form the narrative of who we are. Simpli Organizied can support you in letting go of the things that are no longer useful, needed or loved.

I can help walk you through this process, with kindness and compassion.  Please check out my Simpli Organized services page for Home and Business  to find out more or Contact me here.

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