Do you feel trapped by the ‘things’ that you hoped
would make life more enjoyable? 

Hello, my name is Juliann and I have a talent and passion for spatial design.   This means that I love organizing objects within a space in order to enhance the live-ability and cohesion, paying particular attention to the aesthetics of every space.
This skill manifests in two distinct, but complementary, services. The first service is Simpli Staging. Using your existing furniture and accessories, I am able to bring out the warmth and beauty of your home, drawing in potential customers.
The second service is organizing for both Home and Business. This is where I assist you in organizing, creating systems and clearing out objects within your space that no longer support your life or business goals going forward.
Both of these services require a friendly, sensitive, and compassionate touch. There is nothing I enjoy more than helping people feel the positive impact of these two services. People remark afterwards of the peace found within living spaces, the enhanced productivity within home and business offices, and the uncovering of a real sense of joy and contentment within the places we share with those we love.
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Modern kitchen with granite countertops

“Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”

-Leonardo de Vinci


A little planning and preparation can go a long way towards selling your home quickly and for the best price possible.   Simpli Staging uses a staging method that combines modern staging practices, and aspects of home psychology. These ancient and modern concepts combine together beautifully, creating a clean, simple and inviting residence, projecting an aura of warmth which most buyers will find appealing to all of their senses.

Using the five D’s of home staging and Western Feng Shui techniques, I will accentuate your home’s most positive qualities and in turn address challenges of disorganization and awkward design.  The benefits to using your own furnishings are two-fold. Firstly, it means less cost to you, and secondly, it adds authenticity to the entire staging process.  If you just need somewhere to start, or you want guidance from beginning to end, I am here to help.  Please check out my Staging Services page to find out more or Contact me here.

& Decluttering

The saying ‘Less is More’, is often said, but what does it truly mean? ‘Less is More’ is saying that there is a beauty in simplicity, and sophistication in few, rather than many. Our lives and spaces are full of possessions, and years of even modest acquisition can lead to a great accumulation of items.
It is understandable that we hold onto our things; they have histories and memories attached, they help form the narrative of who we are. Simpli Organizing can assist you in letting go of the things that are no longer useful or loved. I can help walk you through this process, with kindness and compassion.  Please check out my Organizing service pages for Home and Business  to find out more or Contact me here.

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