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The health of any business is largely based on its ability to adapt to change and to make adjustments that support its growth and health every step of the way.  As a business expands and grows, the fine details of how an office functions day-to-day requires increased attention to ensure lasting success in both staff retention and customer longevity.
A functional, well designed and properly organized office space can be just as critical to the success of a business as a good product and great employees.
Miss-organized office spaces, poorly filed documents, cluttered work-rooms or even something as simple as decorative plant in the wrong location can break worker concentration and unsettle clients and customers.
Disorganization and office clutter have been shown to hinder employee productivity and can make even the simplest of tasks feel monumental and time-consuming for the most proficient of staff members. These same issues can often unknowingly extend to upper-management and ownership as well; and this is a problem seen just as often in home-businesses as it is in multi-million dollar corporations.
Simpli Business can adapt to meet the unique business needs of every client. Whether your business operates out of you home office or spans an entire floor of a downtown building, we are ready and able to help you make your space as user-friendly as possible.
Based on the location of your business, the services offered, the products you sell and any other challenges you may face, we will utilize a combination of organizational methods, design techniques and feng shui principles tailor-made to bring both you and your business to the peak of operational proficiency.

FREE Consultation

Getting started is often the hardest part – and the initial needs assessment consultation is a good place to begin.  During this 30-45 minute session, we do a walk-through of your space to:
  • Determine what is and isn’t working
  • Assess your wants, needs, and goals
  • Develop a strategy for moving forward
  • Answer questions that you might have about the process
The initial consultation helps to provide clarity about what you would like to see happen and momentum to begin the organizing process.
Contact Simpi Juli  to schedule a Needs Assessment Consultation and check out our Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ’s) for additional organizing information.

Organizing Session Package Discounts!

1   Half Day Session $45/ per hour 3   hours $135
5   Half Day Sessions $40/per hour 15 hours $600    ($75/savings)
10 Half Day Sessions $35/ per hour 30 hours $1,050 ($300/savings)
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