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Organizing is creating rhythm and flow in spaces where you live and work. Whether your a CEO, or the head of a busy household, organized spaces tend to be more productive and harmonious.

It is not ‘out with the old, in with the new’. It is out with items that serve no purpose, and in with items that have purpose and meaning. It is about gaining clarity, living simply and honoring that which is truly important to you. It is designing a space with less, rather than making room for more.

Common indicators of a lack of organization –

  • Nothing seems to be where you left it
  • You waste time searching for information or items
  • You find yourself shuffling papers that take over your space
  • You recognize there might be a problem, but don’t know where to begin
  • A major life transition is taking up your time, preventing you from completing daily tasks
  • Your time or energy may be lacking, not allowing you to focus on what matters most to you

What Simpli Organizing can do to help –

  • Simplify your work or living space by supporting you in clearing the clutter
  • Empower you to make and follow through with your decisions
  • Give you tools and resources to tackle the organization of common problem areas
  • Create a safe, effective and efficient home or living space that you can maintain

Simpli Organizing provides help with all types of home and business spaces.  Our hands-on organizing services assist with sorting, condensing, and disposing. Supportive coaching is integral to the service, however all final decisions about what to keep and what can be removed are yours to make.

Each three-hour session we will work together to decide what to keep and where to keep it. Together we will develop systems of organization that match your needs.  This ensures that your space looks pleasing, functions efficiently, and supports how you want to live.

For additional information and facts about organizing check out our organizing Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ’s) or Contact Simpli Juli to schedule a free consultation or Hands-on Organizing Session.

FREE 30 Minute Phone Consultation

Getting started is often the hardest part – and the initial needs assessment consultation is a good place to begin.  During this 30 minute session, we do a talk-through of your space to:

  • Determine what is and isn’t working
  • Assess your wants, needs, and goals
  • Answer questions that you might have about the process

The initial phone consultation helps to provide clarity about what you would like to see happen and momentum to begin the organizing process.

Contact Simpli Juli  to schedule a Needs Assessment Consultation.


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