Testimonials & Thank You Notes…

“Juliann was wonderful to work with. Her ideas were creative as well as practical. Thanks to Juliann and her expertise, we were able to sell our house within 30 days of listing it. Particularly, her idea of turning a former office space into a dedicated exercise area was brilliant making all the difference. I value her advice. I plan to use her again and highly recommend her services.”

— Ivy B.

“I had resisted my boxes of junk, and confronting all that those boxes represented, for years. When selling our house “forced” me to deal with them, I called Juliann. She was an angel of mercy, and transformed my “ordeal” into actual fun. It became a healing experience. She saw the potential I couldn’t see, that vision was the grace that made the sorting and purging process an actual pleasure — genuinely uplifting! Thanks for sharing your beautiful gifts, Juliann.”
-Mary E.
“We are most grateful for the work and assistance you gave us in organizing and giving new life to our office.  It is hard to believe that we got rid of 7 dumpsters full of old and outdated clutter.  The new layout has given us a pleasant place to work and is certainly more efficient.  The good news is that we attracted a new renter to our office and that will help with our bottom line.  Once again thanks so much for your gentle direction and helping us get our act together.”
-Michael, Eileen & John
“Wow! What a relief to have your help! You made moving a pleasurable experience, not a word used to typically describe moving.  I appreciate, on many levels your coaching on letting things go and identifying what things served me.  It was growthful!
– Star C.
“Juliann worked with me as a blind individual, easing me through the process of organizing my home office. My space was transformed from dysfunction place to avoid to an organized and motivating environment where I want to be.  You don’t have to live in procrastination.  Juliann eases you into a transformative process that leaves both you and the space feeling free, inspired and productive.  I cannot put a price tag on this .”

-Sam H.

“It was a wonderful experience working with Juliann. When your life is turned upside down during the process of moving it’s invaluable to be working with someone you trust, and who is supportive of such an undertaking. In addition, when it comes crunch time, her ability to continue to move the task forward is fabulous.  Definitely, totally recommend Juliann. Her help made moving across several states possible!”

-Carina C.

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