Occupied Home staging & Preparation

Let's Get Your Home Sold!

Show it For All It's Worth!

Your home is never worth as much its first day on the market.  When selling your home in a competitive market you only have one opportunity to make a great first impression.  Most buyers make up their minds about their interest in a home within 10 seconds of driving up to the property.  Therefore, it is crucial that your home have immediate appeal even before the buyer walks in the front door.

Whether you are an individual selling your home, or a real estate agent looking for assistance with staging a property, Simpli Juli provides invaluable expertise in helping prepare homes for the increasingly competitive market.

Is a home sale assessment right for you?

  • You are having trouble selling your home
  • You have made multiple price reductions
  • You are a real estate agent and would like to offer your clients additional support
  • You want to skip all the above and sell your home with less stress
  • Or BEFORE you place your home on the market!

What is included in your home sale assessment?

Thorough room-by-room on-site tour of your home (from 1-3 hours) & the creation of a personalized home sale preparation checklist

  • What to fix, clean, de-clutter & brighten
  • Suggestions for depersonalizing
  • Suggestions for what to pre-pack
  • Suggestions for furniture & accessory placement