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About Me

Hi, my name is Juliann Penfold and I am a happy home consultant.  Coupling certifications in Feng Shui Home Staging, Interior Alignment and Space Psychology, I am extremely adept at creating and redesigning aesthetically pleasing and productive environments.

I owned a successful business franchise for over 20 years while raising three busy children. This gave me unique insight into the impact that unorganized and cluttered spaces have on mood, motivation, efficiency and overall happiness in both work and home contexts.

I believe that our external spaces can be an indictor of our internal workings. Significant life changes can bring about disorganization and accumulation of clutter. Even if something like this hasn’t occurred in your life, a rearrangement of objects, or a clearing away of clutter, can accentuate positive aspects within your space, which in turn benefits one’s wellbeing.

My goal is to rediscover the positive aspects about the space you inhabit for the majority of your time. Only one thing gives me greater pleasure than seeing a space transformed and that’s the results these transformations have on the people who live and work in these spaces


Feel free to Contact me here and we can visit about the spaces you occupy, and together we can devise a plan to transform them into spaces where you flourish.